Geva Coffee Consulting

Planning For Your Shop

When opening a coffee shop or restaurant, the more you can plan ahead the easier everything else becomes. Our consultants at Geva have decades of experience with shop layout, equipment and power requirements, menu offerings, bar flow, espresso machine use and maintenance, procedural outlining, and customer service training that will help you see your concept come to life.

How To Get Started

Every shop is unique, and because of that we customize our consulting programs to meet your specific needs. To know how we can meet your needs, contact one of our specialists today. Overview of consulting material:
  • Shop Layout
  • Equipment and Power Requirements
  • Menu Offerings
  • Bar Flow
  • Espresso Machine Use and Maintenance
  • Procedural Outlining for Employees
  • Procedural Outlining for Management
  • Customer Service Training
Pricing Our consulting cost is $125 per hour. Contact us with your shop needs to get a free quote.

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