coffee equipment supplier

The highest quality equipment with total support

Geva Coffee has been offering commercial equipment since 1974. Only the finest equipment meets Geva’s specifications for ease of use, dependability, and consistently delicious results. Geva also provides scheduled and emergency maintenance service, and training for trouble free equipment operation.

To keep pace with the rapidly growing demand for specialty coffees, you need a partner that will give you everything you need for success. That partner is Geva! Geva sells, leases and services:
  • Commercial coffee machines
  • Commercial tea machines
  • Espresso machines
  • Coffee grinders
  • Water filtration equipment
Geva also loans equipment with a qualified beverage service agreement. To ensure minimum downtime and maximum efficiency of your equipment, Geva also provides:
  • Free installation of all equipment
  • Staff training on proper equipment use
  • Service professionals on call for emergencies
  • Knowledgeable internal staff who can often resolve issues over the phone
  • GEVA Serve – a customized preventive maintenance program