Industry Affilations

Connecting and supporting

Geva Coffee is active in many industry related associations, as well as international organizations that support sustainability in the coffee growing industry. Through their participation in the following associations, Geva is able to stay current with training, best practices, new technologies and other developments affecting the specialty coffee industry and the customers it serves.

Supporting organizations involved in the sustainability of the global coffee growing community is a high priority at Geva and an integral part of their commitment to give back. Following are some of the organizations they support:

  • Rainforest Alliance An international conservation organization whose mission is to protect ecosystems, people and wildlife by implementing better business practices for biodiversity conservation and sustainability.
  • Salvadoran American Health Foundation Serves to help support human development programs for the under-served, indigenous people of El Salvador.
  • Water Decaffeination Process A 100% natural, water-based decaffeination process that is certified organic. The process results in flavorful beans that are 99.9% caffeine free.
  • Grounds for Health An international, non-profit agency that provides health care services to coffee growing communities in Mexico and Central America.

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