Offices/Commercial Buildings

Premium coffee bar service for offices and commercial buildings

Let Geva Coffee transform your office kitchen into a gourmet coffee bar! Indulge your employees’ and customers’ passion for premium coffees, espresso, teas, and other beverages by partnering with Geva. Your kitchen area will be stocked at all times and your equipment maintained to ensure consistently delicious beverages and worry-free operation. No office is too small or too large! Contact us for an individual quotation on wholesale accounts. Geva provides a complete office coffee service solution that can be customized to fit your requirements and includes:

  • Fresh, roasted daily coffee and specilaty teas delivered directly to your office or building
  • Coffee and tea brewing, espresso, and water filtration equipment
  • Equipment installation
  • Scheduled equipment check-up and maintenance
  • Geva SERVE 24-hour local emergency repair service
  • Product management and rotation
  • Condiment and paper product supplies

Whether you prefer equipment on loan, leased, or purchased, Geva will customize an equipment plan for you.