Cordoba Royal Coffee

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Blend: Guatemala, Mexico, Colombia, Honduras

Roast Profile: Medium+Dark

Tasting Notes: Chocolate, Roasted Nuts, Ripe Berry, Balanced Body


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Our most popular drip, a mélange blend (or post roast blend) of medium and dark roasted coffee. The dark roast component gives this coffee body and strength while the medium roast component gives a pleasant ripe berry sweetness. Great black or with cream and sugar.

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Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 8 × 7 in

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3 reviews for Cordoba Royal Coffee

  1. Lauren Moran

    This is hands down the best coffee I have ever had. So smooth and flavorful. I never knew coffee could taste this good! No creamers necessary, but great with it too! My colleague and I are crazy about this one! Can’t wait to try all of them.

  2. Hope Sellers

    Love this coffee! Go to their offices and buy my coffee directly from them. Perfect blend!

  3. T. Caplan (verified owner)

    Absolutely excellent blend. Current fave. First found it at a small restaurant on Bissonnet, asked what it was and ordered it the same day. Next week at Brennan’s downtown, tasted theirs and recognized it immediately. Last week, same story on Woodway. Seems fate brought me an excellent coffee.

    Taster’s Note: Since it is a blend, it is virtually impossible to get the correct mix by grinding whole bean on demand (per cup). Either grind the whole bag yourself or buy it that way to brew for consistent taste.

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