Social Commitment

Corporate responsibility that extends beyond borders

Geva feels it is their obligation to have a positive impact on the communities they serve. From the top down, this attitude is demonstrated throughout the organization on a daily basis and is woven into the fabric of the company culture.

Caring for the local community

Wherever their Houston neighbors are in need, Geva is ready to offer their coffee and teas. From providing coffee for victims of large scale disasters like Hurricane Katrina, to serving coffee for Houston’s homeless, Geva takes pride in its ability to act quickly and assist those who are less fortunate in the local community. Supporting charitable organizations in the Houston area is always a priority with Geva, and they regularly donate coffee for worthy causes.

Supporting sustainability

Geva supports and promotes sustainability through leading international programs such as:

  1. Rainforest AllianceAn international conservation organization whose mission is to protect ecosystems, people and wildlife by implementing better business practices for biodiversity conservation and sustainability.
  2. Salvadoran American Health FoundationServes to help support human development programs for the under-served, indigenous people of El Salvador.
  3. Water Decaffeination ProcessA 100% natural, water-based decaffeination process that is certified organic. The process results in flavorful beans that are 99.9% caffeine free.
  4. Grounds for HealthAn international, non-profit agency that provides health care services to coffee growing communities in Mexico and Central America.
  5. The Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA)The SCAA is the recognized authority of specialty coffee. They provide a common forum for the development and promotion of coffee excellence and sustainability, continuing education, and environmental protection.

Working with the community of coffee growers

Geva is committed to helping its network of coffee growers continue their time-honored tradition of farming, and offers assistance to them and their communities in many ways. By eliminating brokers and middle men, Geva is able to work one-on-one with coffee growers in order to reduce costs, gain efficiencies, and improve crop quality. It is also important to Geva to examine the sustainability and environmental impact that the local farm has on its region. The needs of the present generation must be met without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs.