coffee technical service maintenance

Best-in-class technical service and support

If you don’t succeed – neither does Geva. Geva’s technical service and support goes beyond what most coffee services offer. They go the extra mile to provide your business with the training, preventive maintenance, emergency repairs or equipment replacement, and other support services that will ensure your success.

GEVA Serve preventive maintenance program*

Geva recognizes that every customer has unique needs. The Geva SERVE preventive maintenance program is flexible and designed for each customer on an individual basis. Some of the basic components of a Geva SERVE program are:

  • Employee training and education: product preparation, equipment use and daily maintenance
  • Regularly scheduled on-site equipment maintenance
  • Emergency equipment repair or replacement
  • Water treatment / filtration maintenance

Contact Geva Coffee at 281-999-9929 or complete the form provided here to design a customized Geva SERVE program for your business.

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