Barista Training 2

Training Your Staff

Consistency is key to operating a successful coffee shop. Barista training gives you and your staff a baseline for that quality cup every time. Whether you've never touched an espresso machine before or you're working on your wrapped tulips, there is always a way to improve. Our barista trainers customize a course to meet your needs. To get started, contact one of our trainers. Let us know your current experience and what you would like to accomplish with barista training, then we can customize a training program to fit your needs.

Barista Training Courses

Basics Course
  • Espresso machine components
  • Daily use and maintenance of your espresso machine
  • Tamping and pulling shots of espresso
  • Introduction to dialing in espresso
  • Steaming and texturing milk
  • Traditional beverage definitions and drink execution
  • Customer service and communication
Advanced Course
  • Dialing in espresso and palate training
  • Environmental effects, troubleshooting, and common errors when pulling shots
  • Steamed milk quality and texture ratios
  • Latte art pours - rosetta, tulip, hanging heart
Course Outline

Our courses are designed to be 3 to 4 hours long and can accommodate up to 6 people at a time. Custom courses are available. Prices are subject to location and course needs. Contact us to find out more about custom courses and pricing.

Additional Training Material

  • Pour over training
  • Backflushing and diffuser screen cleaning
  • Tea brewing
  • Customer service training
  • Menu consultation
  • Management consultation
  • Procedural outlining

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